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10 essential CS: GO commands you need to know

10 essential CS: GO commands you need to know 

CS: GO commands allow the player to access the console and make changes to the game. There are several very useful commands that will help a lot in your matches.

None of these commands are cheats and can be used without problems in competitive mode. Changes to FPS, radar and audio could make a big difference in the game.

To activate the console, you must first go to Game Options and then change the option to “Yes” to “Activate Developer Console”. Now, just press the “(quotes) key at any time to display the console and enter commands.

+ cl_show_team_equipment

+ cl_show_team_equipmant

With this command, you can see what equipment the players on your team are using. The information will appear over the head and this also allows you to see them through walls or even in smoke. It’s a really cool command.

net_graph 1

net_graph 1

This is an essential command for most CS: GO players. With this command, you get to know very useful information such as FPS (frames per second) and PING (response between the server and the client in milliseconds).

fps_max 0

This command will allow you to get as much FPS as possible from your PC. When you activate it, you will notice the difference immediately and this will greatly improve the fluidity of the matches.

mm_dedicated_search_maxping 50

This command is used to set the maximum PING to 50. If your internet connection is good, the system will always look for a server near you.

voice_scale 0.3

Who has never played with noisy players who are screaming for everything? This command allows you to lower the volume of the voice to a reasonable level – you will be able to hear your team well and stay focused on the game.

cl_use_opens_buy_menu 0

When using this command, you will disable the E key to open the purchase menu. This is very useful because it will avoid entering the menu when you pick up a weapon from the floor.

cl_radar_always_centered 0

cl_radar_always_centered 0 CS: GO

With this command, your radar will no longer be centralized. So you will always have a much broader view of the entire radar. Check the difference in the image.

cl_radar_scale 0.4

This command increases the scale of your radar. You can zoom out to gain more scale on the map. The ideal scales are between 0.3 and 0.7. Test and find out which scale is best for you.

cl_disablefreezecam 1

This command will disable the freezecam after dying. For many players, this is very annoying. And since nobody likes to lose, any little thing can be very annoying.


With this command, you can skip the introduction videos when you start CS: GO. You could press ESC, but then you don’t have to do anything and save precious seconds.


Command It is made
sv_cheats X Replace X with 1 to trigger cheats on the server or 0 to keep them disabled. Firing this command enables all others that begin with “sv“.
fps_max (value) Defines the maximum frames per second the game will run. Setting a limit can save your computer’s resources.
cl_radar_scale (value) Sets the size of the minimap (radar).
cl_radar_always_centered X Replace X with 1 to keep the radar centralized or 0 so that he can follow your movements.
cl_radar_rotate X Replace X with 1 to make the radar rotate according to your movements or 0 to keep it still.
zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse Sets the sensitivity of the mouse while the scope is open.
cl_righthand X Replace X with 1 to keep your weapon on the right side of the screen or 0 so that we switch it to the left side.
cl_autowepswitch X Replace X with 1 to keep switching weapons as soon as you go over one, or 0 to keep your gun.
closeonbuy X Replace X with 1 to close the shopping menu whenever you buy something, or 0 to keep it open until you close it yourself.
mat_monitorgamma (value) Make adjustments to the game colors.
voice_scale (value) Adjusts the volume at which you hear voice communications.
voice_enable (value) Replace X with 1 to enable voice chat or 0 to disable it.
volume (value) Adjusts the overall volume of the game, 1 the maximum value.
hud_scaling (value) Adjusts the size of the HUD elements.
mp_autobalance X Replace X with 1 so that teams are automatically balanced or 0 to allow them to be unbalanced.
mp_freezetime X Replace X with 1 to enable the time stopped before the round starts or 0 to disable it.
mp_buytime (value) Adjusts the time when buying is allowed.
mp_buy_anywhere X Replace X with 1 to allow purchases anywhere on the map or 0 to restrict them to the base
r_drawtracers_firstperson X Replace X with 1 for the visual effect of the shots to be shown or 0 to hide them (improves performance).
bot_add_ct Adds a bot on the CT side.
bot_add_t Adds a bot on the Terrorist side.
bot_difficulty X Replace X with 1, two, 3 or 4 to define the difficulty of the bots.
sv_infinite_ammo X Replace X with 1 to receive infinite ammunition or 0 to keep the normal amount.
sv_grenate_trajectory X Replace X with 1 to show the trajectory of grenades or 0 to keep them hidden.
sv_showimpacts X Replace X with 1 to highlight the location of bullets or 0 to keep the bookmarks hidden.
sv_gravity (value) Sets the degree of severity in the game. 800 is the default value.
noclip Allows you to fly freely across the stage and through walls.
thirdperson Change perspective to 3rd person.
firstperson Change the perspective to 1st person.
disconnect Automatically disconnects from the server.
r_cleardecals Clears map features like bullet marks, blood, etc.
r_drawothermodels X Replace X with 1 or two to see textures of elements, including through the wall. 0 disables the effect.
mat_wireframe X Replace X with 1 to see the map structures. 0 disables the effect.
viewmodel_presetpos X Replace X with 1, two or 3 to change the position of the character’s hands on the screen.
mp_drop_knife_enable X Replace X with 1 to allow knives to be dropped or 0 to disable the function.
mp_c4timer (value) Defines the time when the bomb explodes. 40 is the default value.
map_setbombradius (value) Sets the bomb’s explosion range. 100 is the default value.
cl_show_fps X Replace X with 1 to show your FPS rate or 0 to hide it.
memory Shows data related to memory usage.
unbindall Unlink all keys defined with commands.

There are also changes you can make to the aim to improve your shot. Learn how to create the perfect aim and don’t miss a shot again!

Also learn the indispensable commands to train!

André Alves

Competitive gamer since Street Fighter II, he played hidden in the arcade when he was aged. Currently lives divided between FIFA matches and the Hearthstone ladder.

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