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7 PES 2020 Mobile tips to dominate the game!

7 PES 2020 Mobile tips to dominate the game! 

The mobile version of PES 2020 is much simpler than the console edition. But you still need some training to do well. And, of course, some tips! So see 7 basic tips to be an ace and always stay in front of your opponents on the pitch!

1. Complete all initial tasks to earn coins

Once you start playing you will have many tasks to do. They are very simple and involve progression in the game, so don’t worry too much about getting everything done fast. The important thing is that each small task will give you a good number of coins. And these coins are literally gold when PES 2020 Mobile MyClub is starting.

2. Spend on a good manager

Only with an excellent Manager can you have such a team!

With the hundreds of coins you will receive from the initial tasks, you can spend on a great Manager. The trainer must have a high Management Ability. This is important because the greater your ability to manage athletes, the more high quality athletes you can have in the club.

If the number of players with high status is greater than what the Manager reports, your team will lose team spirit and will not do well in games!

3. Don’t buy crackers right away

The goal of PES Mobile is to have the best team in the game. It’s a version of MyClub! So you will have to shop for the club, whether it be athletes, businessmen or other by-laws. The secret here is to start from the bottom, creating a good foundation for your team.

So in the beginning nothing to want the most expensive players. Buy the good and cheap ones, which will give the team a “call”, allowing you to earn more coins. This way you can gradually change players, giving space, even, to have one or another ace.

4. Save money for Featured Players

featured players pes 2020
Good examples of Featured Players

Featured Players are those players with a special version. It may be because they did well in a round or for any other reason. They guarantee exceptional quality to the cast if they are cast. So any extra coins that come in, keep in a piggy bank and spend to have at least one player of that type later in the game.

5. Turn useless players into coaches

Some athletes eventually run out of use in the squad. Normal. If you are not really going to use them again, turn them into preparers. They will be used as a boost your best players. If they are in the same position, the bonus is even greater!

6. Go to the training ground

Playing PES 2020 on your phone is very different from console or PC versions. Even if you use a game pad or joystick, it can feel stuck making movements. The free training ground is great for exercising commands. There you can prepare foul, pass, kick, defense training, among others. It is a way to ensure that you master all aspects of the game!

7. Participate in special events

Playing against friends or other players online is fun, but part of the experience with PES Mobile is against the machine. A really cool way to do that is by attending special events. They are usually themed and can involve real life games, which makes the whole thing even more interesting. It is a very good way to earn coins!

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Maurice Amaro

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