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How to improve PC gaming performance: see 10 tips!

How to improve PC gaming performance: see 10 tips! 

Who has a computer gamer you know how frustrating it is to see your machine fall behind. So it is very important to know how to improve the performance of the PC for games.

1. Increase the RAM

PRAÇA gamer with low RAM has poor performance!

When your computer becomes very slow, you can be sure that it has to do with RAM. It is responsible for keeping your computer performing, whether high or low. A Windows operating system, for example, can consume up to 2 GB of that memory.

What happens when there is an overload is that the data starts to be transmitted to the hard drive. If it’s an SSD it’s bad, if it’s an HD, then it’s even worse. In such cases, it is worth adding RAM sticks to balance things out.

The minimum recommended for those who want to play on the PC is 8 GB of RAM. But most PCs gamers high end has 16 GB and even 32 GB. It is a high investment, we know, but it is compensated by the performance.

2. Close unused applications

When you go to play, the machine’s focus needs to be whole in the game. When this does not happen, it is normal for the experience to be waged. So don’t forget to disable those Windows startup apps. They consume a lot of RAM right off the bat!

This can be done easily using the Task Manager if you have Windows 8 and up. From 7 down we recommend using msconfig.exe. There you can disable the automatic startup of all applications.

3. Have an SSD

An HD is slowly becoming an outdated technology. Although most PCs have 1TB or even 2TB hard drives, the space does not pay off, as the computer’s speed decreases. That’s why they invented the SSD. The SSD processes data much faster.

The downsides of it are that it is still more expensive than HD and usually has a lot less space. However if the idea is to have a high performance on a gaming PC, you will not escape it. There are those who prefer hybrid models, with HD and SSD, but the ideal is to have a machine with only SSD.

4. Remove unwanted software

Every PC comes with applications you will never use. You may not think so, but they will hinder the performance of your games. Remember what we talked about above? RAM ends up being consumed quickly by these softwares.

The ideal solution is to uninstall them all. Enter the list of applications and see which ones are

5. Learn how to manage your video card

Graphics card
There’s no use having a super card if it’s outdated

The video card, of course, is a fundamental part of good performance on your PC. It is not enough to have the best GeForce or the best AMD if you do not know how to manage all the functionality of the card. In addition, it is extremely important that you update your drivers for the latest versions, getting maximum power.

If you have an Nvidia, download GeForce Experience. If you have an AMD card, go with the AMD Catalyst Center. Check the companies’ website for the best settings and updates you can make.

6. Have two powerful video cards

The most common is for people to upgrade the video card to a more powerful one. Pay yourself a lot more, but in compensation the visual performance of the games is spectacular. A more affordable alternative, even to not get rid of your old board, is to have two from the same company.

For that, your PC needs to have a slot PCI Express x16 on the motherboard. So you can add an extra video card, either from Nvidia or AMD.

7. Activate Windows Game Mode

Exclusive tip for those who have a Windows 10 operating system. Go to the system settings. There go to the “Games” section. Select the “Game Mode” option to activate. This will make the PC’s performance focused on the performance of the games, including giving the option of screen capture, bar with shortcuts and even live streaming of your matches.

8. Make adjustments to Windows visual options

Enabling the Game Mode of the operating system is not enough. It is necessary to adjust the visual effects of Windows to obtain greater performance. In Windows 10 they give a more beautiful look to your daily operations, but are unnecessary for anyone who uses the PC to play games.

In the “Adjust Windows appearance and performance” section, simply select the “Adjust for best performance” option.

9. Update your games manually

PC Graphics
Getting to the most beautiful graphics on the PC requires some sacrifices!

This is a problem especially for those who play using Steam. Steam has a function where your games are updated with patches whenever there is something new in that sense. THE update automatic is nice, but consumes RAM and can slow down your PC when you’re in the middle of a game online.

So go to Steam’s “Settings” and under “Downloads” simply remove the option to do downloads while playing.

10. Increase your PC’s power consumption

As a rule, your Windows will come with a balanced power scheme. That is, it will have moderate performance and normal energy consumption. Increasing energy consumption will make performance much better, which drains the battery faster, if you are using a notebook.

In addition, this “technique” can addiction to your battery in the long run. But if you don’t mind it, just go to the Windows power options. Click on choose a power plan and select the one that privileges performance.

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Maurice Amaro

Academic and researcher in the field of Game Studies, he started his adventures in the world of games in his childhood, in the Arcades of Mortal Kombat. He is an unconditional fan of single player games, but he does not deny a FIFA match in Online mode when he has free time.

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