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Minecraft: how to make Enchantment Table and how to use it!

Minecraft: how to make Enchantment Table and how to use it! 

Enchantment tables in Minecraft are items with which you can enchant weapons, books, armor and tools, that is, assign special effects to these items. To use an enchantment table you need to spend XP and lapis lazuli and only items that have not yet been enchanted can be used on the enchantment table.

To craft an enchantment table, you need 4 Obsidian, 2 Diamonds and 1 Book. When you have all the items, arrange them as follows to get the table:

  • Obsidians are obtained by touching water to lava and can only be mined with a diamond pick.
  • Diamonds are only found well below the surface and need to be mined with an iron pick or better.
  • Books are made with 3 pieces of paper and 1 leather.

How to Use an Enchantment Table

After crafting the Enchantment Table, position it in the desired place and, around it, insert 15 Book shelves, 1 block away from the table, as shown below:

Shelves - Minecraft

If you prefer, you can stack the Shelves as long as they are all 1 block away from the Enchantment Table. It is not necessary to follow the model above. Bookshelves increase the levels of enchantments available at Mesa. To craft them, you need 6 Boards (any type) and 3 Books and combine them like this:

Shelves - Minecraft

Then, to use the Enchantment Table, just right-click on it and then insert the item you want to enchant and a variable amount of lapis lazuli. When doing this, three random enchantment options will appear, as in the image below:

How to Make Enchantment Table - Minecraft

There is no way to choose enchantments that will appear. The most that can be done is to modify this random set to a new one. The ways to do this are:

  • changing the type and material of the item;
  • changing the level of enchantment (when changing the number of shelves);
  • enchanting an item (this generates a new random group).

No other action will change the list of available enchantments. If a new table is built under the same conditions as the first, the result will be the same.

A good method to have more control over the results is to perform enchantments on Books. This generates a Enchanted book, which “keeps” the enchantment itself and can pass the effect on to other items through the Anvil. Thus, a good way to rotate the random set of available enchantments is to enchant Books until the desired effect appears and only then enchant weapons, armor, tools, etc.

Complete list of enchantments in Minecraft

  • Durability: increases the Durability of items.
  • Judgment: increases damage to undead.
  • Reach: increases the range of the enchanted item.
  • Thorns: reflects part of the damage received to the attacker.
  • Aquatic Affinity: increases the speed of mining underwater.
  • Frozen Steps: turns the water immediately under the player into ice.
  • Impalement: case more damage to ocean creatures.
  • Infinity: infinite arrows.
  • Ruin of Arthropods: increases damage to all arthropods.
  • Explosion Protection: suffers less damage and repulsion of explosions.
  • Plumbing: summons a lightning bolt using a Trident.
  • Curse of the Call: the item cannot be removed.
  • Curse of Disappearance: when dying, the enchanted item disappears from the inventory.
  • Deep steps: increases the speed in the water.
  • Efficiency: increases the speed of breaking blocks.
  • Feather weight: takes less damage from falls.
  • Flaming aspect: sets the target on fire.
  • Fire protection: suffers less fire damage and reduces the burning stubbornness.
  • Flame: arrows ignite the target.
  • Fortune: increases the chances of block drops.
  • Repulsion: the enchanted item causes more repulsion.
  • Withdraw: increases the number of items that can be dropped.
  • Loyalty: the Trident item returns to the player.
  • Luck at Sea: increases the chances of obtaining items during fishing.
  • Bait: increases the frequency with which fish take the bait.
  • Patch: recovers the durability of items.
  • Multiple Shot: fire 3 arrows instead of 1.
  • Drilling: arrows pass through a creature and hit those behind.
  • Projectile Protection: takes less damage from projectiles.
  • Protection: takes less damage from all sources.
  • Impact: arrows hurl enemies backwards (same as the Repulsion enchantment).
  • Quick Charge: decreases the time required to reload bows.
  • Breath: increases the breathing time under water.
  • Stream: when throwing a Trident, the player follows the trajectory.
  • Edging: increases the damage of the item.
  • Smooth touch: causes mined blocks to drop similar ones.

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