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PES 2020: meet the best players and their overall

PES 2020: meet the best players and their overall 

PES 2020 finally launched! Now we have access to everyone ratings and to Overall each player. Knowing this is very important, especially for those who want to play the new Master League of this edition.

We can state the obvious: the best players PES 2020 they are Messi and Ronaldo, both with 94. Next comes Neymar, with an astonishing 92. To help you build a responsa team in ML, we brought the top 5 per position. At the end of the text you can still see the “Dream Team” of this new edition of Pro Evolution Soccer!

The Barcelona star is the highlight of the game!


Name Overall Team
Alisson 90 Liverpool
De Gea 90 Manchester Utd.
Oblak 90 Madrid’s athletic
Ederson 89 Manchester City
Ter Stegen 89 FC Barcelona

Alisson received the respect he deserves! The Brazilian goalkeeper is the best in the game, defeating names like Neuer and Courtois. Despite being at the top, it has the same 90 Overall de Gea and Oblak. Still, a deserved highlight for the champion goalkeeper of the Champions League.


Name Overall Team
Van Dijk 91 Liverpool
Pique 90 FC Barcelona
Sergio Ramos 90 Real Madrid
Koulibaly 88 Napoli
Hummels 88 Dortmund

Like Alisson, Van Dijk took first place in his position. The Liverpool defender comes on PES 2020 as a great 91 of Overall. Piqué and Sergio Ramos dispute the second place with their 90. Koulibaly and Hummels close the Top 5 with 88.


Name Overall Team
Jordi Alba 87 FC Barcelona
Alaba 87 Bayern Munich
Kimmich 87 Bayern Munich
Marcelo 86 Real Madrid
Alex Sandro 85 Juventus

Jordi Alba, with all his speed and skill with the ball, was elected by Konami as the best full-back in the game. He shares this position with Alaba and Kimmich, both from Bayern Munich. Brazilians Marcelo and Alex Sandro close the list, with 86 and 85 of Overall, respectively.

Steering wheels

Name Overall Team
Sergio Busquets 89 FC Barcelona
Kanté 88 Chelsea
Pjanic 87 Juventus
Casemiro 86 Real Madrid
Fernandinho 86 Manchester City

Busquets is the best steering wheel in the PES 2020. Safe, balanced and with a great pass, he doesn’t let almost any opponent pass. Kanté is second, followed by Pjanic. Casemiro and Fernandinho occupy the other positions.


Name Overall Team
De Bruyne 90 Manchester City
Modric 89 Real Madrid
David Silva 88 Manchester City
Pogba 88 Manchester Utd.
Eriksen 88 Tottenham

De Bruyne and Modric is a double of respect. City midfielder wins by just one point! Right after the Croatian from Real Madrid we have three Premier League players: David Silva, Pogba and Eriksen, all with 88 Overall.


Name Overall Team
Messi 94 FC Barcelona
Cristiano Ronaldo 94 Juventus
Neymar 92 PSG
Hazard 91 Real Madrid
Salah 90 Liverpool

Messi is slightly better than Cristiano Ronaldo in PES 2020, but both have 94. They are followed by Neymar, with 92, who many thought was in decline. Right after that we have two obvious names: Hazard, now at Real Madrid, and Salah, Liverpool’s famous forward.


Name Overall Team
Suarez 91 FC Barcelona
Aguero 91 Manchester City
Kane 90 Tottenham
Griezmann 90 FC Barcelona
Mbappe 90 PSG

Suarez is the big name of the striker position. Another South American, Aguero, shares this position with the Barcelona striker. Next we have 3 players with 90 Overall. Kane, Griezmann and Mbappé close a list that could still have Lewandowski and Cavani.

PES 2020 Dream Team

  • GO: Alisson
  • ZC: Piqué and Van Dijk
  • LE: Jordi Alba
  • LD: Kimmich
  • VOL: Busquets
  • MLG: De Bruyne and Modric
  • PTE: Ronaldo
  • PTD: Messi
  • CA: Suarez

It is never easy to put together a list of the best football players. At the PES 2020, then, this is even more difficult! The players in this edition are very good and balanced. It was possible to set up 4 selections with the big names of that Pro Evolution Soccer.

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