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Super guide to all PUBG weapons

Super guide to all PUBG weapons 

Learn all about the PUBG weapons for PC and Mobile. There are weapons of various types, for different types of situations, that can be used on the ground.

You can pick up sniper rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols, melee weapons and various types of grenades. Each weapon has different characteristics, designed for a combat distance. The combat distance can be long, medium, short or melee.

We use a scale from 0 to 10 to score each weapon. This value takes into account the type of weapon, the damage it causes, the number of accessories and its accuracy.

Check out our list and learn more about PUBG weapons, learning the advantages and disadvantages of each one!

Snipers and DMR

The sniper rifles and DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) are useful weapons in long distance combat. If you add a telescopic sight, you will be able to shoot other players in a lethal way, unseen or in relative safety.

The sniper and DMR weapons have several differences, but the main one is the bullet feed system. Snipers are bolted, meaning you need to take your eyes off the crosshairs to trigger the next bullet. DRMs are semi-automatic and carry the bullet without player action, allowing you to keep your eyes on the sight.

Sniper and DMR weapons
Weapon Damage Loader Caliber Shooting mode Available
VSS 38 10 9 mm subsonic Semi / Auto All Maps
Mini 14 44 20 5.56 mm Semi All Maps
QBU 48 10 5.56 mm Semi Sanhok only
SKS 55 10 7.62 mm Semi All Maps
M14 EBR 60 10 7.62 mm Semi / Auto All Maps
SLR 58 10 7.62 mm Semi / Auto All Maps
Karabiner 98 72 5 7.62 mm Semi All Maps
M24 84 5 7.62 mm Semi Drop except Sanhok
Win 94 8 0.45 ACP Semi Miramar
AWM 132 5 .300 W. Magnum Semi Drop
Mosin 72 5 7.62 mm Semi Vikendi and Erangel

Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant Pubg

By the admission of the creators of PUBG, Mosin Nagant has the same values ​​as the k98 but with a very different sound and visual. If you shoot well with the k98 you will also get good results with Mosin.

Grade: 7

Winchester Model 1894

winchester changed sniper season 5

Another vintage shotgun to detonate your enemies in a classic way. It is quite powerful and a better rate of fire is possible than the Kar98 due to its lever. However, the bullet is slightly less powerful and takes longer to reload, even with extras. With the 5th Season (in the PC and Console version) Winchester won a 2.7 crosshair that is impossible to remove but that completely changed the weapon, making it a very effective sniper, perfect for quickscopes in the first rounds of the match. A real revival. This weapon is now exclusive to Miramar.

Grade: 7

Karabiner 98 Kurz

Sniper K98 Iron Sights

This vintage gun has a strong shot and is common appear on loot throughout the playing field. With the right extras, it can be very effective. However, it is only possible to reload bullet by bullet and, after each shot, it is necessary to take your eyes off the crosshairs as it is a bolt-on weapon. This can be dangerous if you don’t shoot down your enemies at first. It is also the only sniper that allows you to aim effectively with the original iron sights.

Grade: 7


M24 Sniper Scope PUBG

This powerful weapon uses the same caliber ( as the K98, AKM, Groza and others. More stable and faster than the K98, it can shoot at greater distances without wasting so much time reloading. If you get a higher capacity magazine, your enemies will tremble with fear.

Grade: 8


Artic Warfare Magnum Sniper pubg
Monstrous, this shotgun can make you the king of the match. Using a type of bullet specially created for her, it is the PUBG’s most lethal weapon in the long distance. Even if your opponent is equipped with a level 3 helmet and vest, it only takes two shots to send him to hell. Unfortunately, this weapon appears only in crates and with only 20 bullets. If you’re lucky enough to get one, make those bullets worthwhile.

Grade 10


SKS sniper dmr pubg

Soviet semi-automatic technology, this weapon is very versatile, capable of long-range shooting efficiently and with a charger and power above average. With the right extras, you can increase your capacity up to 20 shots per magazine and greatly improve your stability. In addition, it is a more common weapon, which appears on the playing field and not just in crates.

Grade: 7


ebr dmr pubg rifle

Capable of automatic shooting and slightly more powerful than the SKS, the M14 has great impact power. Unfortunately, it is a rare weapon that appears only in crates. The automatic mode can be useful in close combat, but its high caliber means that it has a lot of original recoil.

Grade: 8


Slr DMR PUbg

A very accurate weapon, capable of more damage than the SKS, with slightly more recoil, the SLR is easy to change as it is possible to use different extras for AR as for sniper rifles.

Grade: 8

Mini 14

Mini 14 DMR

A weapon for all situations, the Mini 14 is difficult to master, but lethal in the right hands. Its caliber is 5.56mm, low for sniper guns, but the initial speed of the bullet pays off. It is a very common weapon, there is no need to risk your life to get one from a box. It is only semi-automatic, so the firing speed depends on your trigger finger (or mouse button). With the right extras, it is possible to extend the magazine up to 30 bullets.

Grade: 6



It exists only in Sanhok. The QBU is a semi-automatic weapon that replaces the Mini 14 on that map. Slightly does more damage. As it has a tripod of origin, whenever using the lying position the recoil is minimal, making it a perfect weapon for long shots in succession, very effective for chasing an enemy, despite the small caliber.

Grade: 7


VSS Vintorez PUBG

This sniper weapon is a difficult weapon to master, but there are situations in which it is absolutely lethal. It has telescopic sights and silencer already placed, so there is no need to pick up extras. It becomes very difficult to hear the shots due to the subsonic caliber and the silencer. Unfortunately, this slows down the bullet. It is a weapon designed to discreetly eliminate unsuspecting players. The most effective way to use this weapon is with bursts of 3 to 5 shots, very fast.

Grade: 6

Assault Rifles

PUBG Automatic Weapons

Assault Rifles are weapons suitable for long and medium distance fighting. They can fire on automatic fire, causing damage quickly.

Assault Rifles
Weapon Damage Caliber Loader Shooting Modes Available
AKM 48 7.62 mm 30 Semi / Auto All Maps
M416 41 5.56 mm 30 Semi / Auto All Maps
M16A4 41 5.56 mm 30 Semi / Burst All Maps
Scar-L 41 5.56 mm 30 Semi / Auto Erangel / Miramar
Groza 48 7.62 mm 30 Semi / Auto Airdrop
AUG 44 ~ 5.56 mm 30 Semi / Auto Airdrop


43 5.56mm 30 Semi / Auto Sanhok only

Beryl M762

46 7.62 mm 30 Semi / Auto All Maps
Mk47 Mutant 48 7.62 mm 20 Semi / Burst All Maps except Vikendi
G36C 41 5.56 mm 30 Semi / Auto Vikendi only


G36 Assault Rifle

For now only available on the Vikendi map (PC version) the G36 is an assault rifle similar to SCAR, with a slightly higher rate of fire. It has not shown to have great precision in long shots, being more indicated for short and medium distance. Automatic fire has a high recoil, so keep your bursts short.

Grade: 6


A very stable weapon, with a good shot in medium and even long distance and with a suitable sight. The recoil is minimal for an automatic weapon, which means you can get groups of shots together. This improves your accuracy. It is not a powerful weapon. In automatic mode, it is very useful in a short distance.

Grade: 6



QBZ replaces SCAR on the Sanhok map. It is very versatile, causing slightly more damage (although some players claim they don’t notice a difference) and with some recoil. With the right extras, it’s a weapon that does its job well. It exists in great quantity for the map.

Grade: 6


m416 HK PuBG
Probably PUBG’s most versatile weapon and the favorite of many players. Its automatic fire is super fast, which makes it very effective in close-range combat, but it is very accurate in medium and long distance as well. It has space for five extra accessories. If you can apply all of them, this weapon becomes very manageable and precise.

Grade: 8



Uses the same ammunition as SCAR and M416 and therefore does not do much damage. However, it is much more accurate than the previous two over long distances. It has no automatic mode, only burst mode. This mode is a burst of 5 ultra fast shots. The stability in this way is very bad, so limit it to short distances. The weapon does not allow extras to improve stability, further compromising its accuracy in burst mode.

Grade: 7


AKM Ar Pubg

This powerful shotgun can fulfill several roles. Very close to the enemy is devastating. In medium and long distance, it is accurate. This is largely due to its caliber. Unfortunately, all that extra power also makes its stability very bad. It takes a lot of training to master.

Grade: 5



Most likely, the best automatic rifle of PUBG. Powerful, with a brutal and very stable rate of fire, it allows you to fill your enemies with lead before they even touch the trigger. Unfortunately, it is a weapon that exists only in boxes, being very rare. It also allows few extras, including limiting the type of aim.

Grade: 9


Austria Universal Gehewer AR PUBG

The AUG is a weapon only available in crates, caliber 5.56mm and allows you to carry 5 extras. This improves the capacity of the magazine, the accuracy and allows the use of all types of sights. Without any extras it is an extremely accurate weapon, but with some vertical recoil, which limits its use in automatic over long distances.

Grade: 8

Beryl M762


Beryl uses the same caliber as AKM, causing less damage per shot, but compensating with a higher cadence. It is quite easy to lose control of this weapon due to the recoil, but you can use more extras to control this problem. The gun has rails, allowing for more extras than AKM.

Grade: 7

Mk47 Mutant

Mk47 Mutant

Ak47 half Hk416 half is a good way to describe this weapon. It has all the power of AKM with better accuracy and a very nice two-shot blast in the medium distance. In addition you can use all the extras for assault rifles by removing the stock. It is a good weapon for disciplined snipers but the lack of automatic makes it difficult to use over short distances.

Grade: 8

Submachine guns

SMG in action Pubg

Submachine guns they are weapons with high rate of fire and usually little precision. Are for medium to short distances, where, to win, you have to be fast and shoot a lot of bullets, in instinct shooting.

Weapon Damage Caliber Shooting Mode Loader Available
MP5K 33 9 mm Semi / Auto / Burst 30 Vikendi
Micro Uzi 23 9 mm Semi / Auto 25 All Maps
UMP45 35 .45 Semi / Auto / Burst 30 All Maps
Kriss Vector 31 .45 Semi / Auto / Burst 13 All Maps
Tommy Gun 38 .45 Semi / Auto 100 All Maps
Bison 35 9 mm Semi / Auto 53 Vikendi / Erangel


Mp5K smg pubg

A classic from the world of shooting games now in PUBG. The MP5K replaces Vector only on the Vikendi map, with slightly more damage and a larger charger. However, it has a lower rate of fire. You can use all possible extras, making the weapon very effective over short and medium distances. Recoil is minimal, even for a 900RPM shot rate.

Grade: 7


bison smg pubg

Only available in Vikendi and Erangel, Bison is a good addition to the PUBG arsenal. It causes the same damage as UMP and has a slightly lower cadence which helps its stability. The magazine is large, allowing for longer firing changes. It only allows tips and sights as extras, but it is relatively easy to control.

Grade: 8

Micro Uzi

Micro Uzi Pubg

Despite being the submachine gun that does the least damage, it makes up for it with an enormous rate of fire. In milliseconds it is possible to drop an entire charger in the face of another player, as long as he is very close. There is a lot in the field of play. Unfortunately, it is impossible to place a crosshair on it, but it pays to use the extra stock.

Grade: 7



This submachine gun is more accurate and powerful than the Micro Uzi over longer distances and with more capacity in the magazine. It is very stable, even without extras. However, there are players who prefer Micro Uzi’s faster rate of fire. Overall, it is a great weapon for fighting in tight quarters, but with some training it is possible to get shots from a greater distance.

Grade: 8


Vector SMG Pubg

Highly manageable, with a powerful caliber and great rate of fire, the Vector is an effective weapon in close combat. It is possible to use all kinds of extras, further improving its stability. It has a big disadvantage in the capacity of the magazine, because, even with the extras, it can take 24 bullets at most. Combining this with the high rate of fire, you can quickly run out of ammunition.

Grade: 8

Tommy Gun

Tommy Gun SMG Pubg

A classic weapon that is not easy to control. Despite being the submachine gun that causes the most damage and carrying few extras, it is very difficult to control the recoil, making the weapon unstable. However, the huge charger allows prolonged contact and in a short distance, the damage it causes is very effective.

Grade: 6


PUBG Shotgun

This type of weapons is very common in the game. They are very effective in short distance, due to their great power, but are relatively slow to reload.

Weapon Damage Loader Effective Distance Extras Available
S686 25 per lead 2 10 to 30 meters 2 All Maps
S1897 25 per lead 5 50 meters 2 All Maps
S12K 22 per lead 5 10 to 30 meters 3 All Maps
Sawed Off 25 per lead 2 10 meters AT Miramar / Sanhok
DBS 25 per Lead 12 50 meters 1 All Maps


dbs shotgun pubg

An automatic shotgun with a capacity of 14 cartridges without the need to refill. The short distance is devastating. An opponent needs at least a level 3 vest to survive a point-blank shot. Despite being able to couple the holographic, optronic, 2x and 6x sights the damage caused after 50 meters is minimal.

Grade: 6


1897 PUBG Shotgun

This shotgun can take 5 rounds. Each of these cartridges takes 9 pellets that each deal 25 points of damage. This makes this weapon a real cannon. In unprotected enemies, death is practically certain with a single shot. Unfortunately, you need to refill the cartridges one by one and the effective distance is no more than 50 meters.

Grade: 5


Shotgun S686 PUBG

A classic hunting weapon, with only two barrels and, of course, only two bullets. However, it is very powerful and even faster to recharge than the S1897. It is highly effective in interiors. As the double sinker is very powerful, it compensates for the lack of ammunition.

Grade: 7


S12K Shotgun PUBG

The only semi-automatic shotgun from PUBG, the S12K can carry extras just like an assault rifle, but much more powerful. With the right extras, you can use more cartridges in the magazine, making it quite fearsome. However, after 25 to 30 meters, it is very difficult to hit the target effectively.

Grade: 8

Sawed Off

Shotgun Sawed OFF PUBG

This shotgun is exclusive for Miramar and Sanhok maps. It takes the place of a pistol. It is very powerful, but only results in a very short distance.

Grade: 4

Special Weapons


Special weapons for special situations.

Weapons Damage Loader Caliber Extras Shooting Mode Available
M249 44 100 5.56 mm 1 Self All Maps
Beast 105 1 AT 1 AT All Maps
DP 28 51 47 7.62 mm 1 Self All Maps except Vikendi
Panzerfaust 1 AT AT AT Karakin only
MG3 41 75 7.62 mm 1 Self Drop



Only available in Drop, the MG3 is a very special weapon, capable of being used in different ways. It has two shooting modes, with 660 rpm and 990 rpm. The first is similar to a Beryl. The second mode is the same as an Mp5k, that is, very fast but with intense damage from the 7.62mm projectile. Unfortunately this also makes this weapon very difficult to handle. The ideal is whenever possible to use the bipod and shoot while lying down. The gun also allows the use of crosshairs (up to 6x) and has striking bullets, which allows you to see where you are shooting.

Grade: 8


Panzerfaust PUBG

A very different weapon, the Panzerfaust can only be used on Karakin and in addition to occupying a weapon’s place, the player
there’s only one shot. Despite the spectacularity of the shot and its use to detonate enemies in buildings or to detonate doors, it is a weapon that is not very useful and quite limited. The rocket itself is slow and a more attentive player will be able to escape the detonation.

Grade: 5


PUBG Automatic Machine Gun

A powerful machine gun with an effective rate of fire and little recoil, the M249 is only for experienced players. Powered by a massive magazine, it can deliver dozens of bullets to the target quickly and is useful both in short and long distance. Unfortunately, the charger takes almost 7 seconds to change and can only apply sights as an extra. But it pays to use.

Grade: 9


PUBG Special Weapon Crossbow

This type of weapon is useful for eliminating enemies without being heard. However, you need to be sure that your shot will result in instant death.

Grade: 2


DP28 PUBG Machine Gun
This Soviet machine gun can be found in the open world. There is still no data on the damage it causes, but it must be located in the AKM area (as they use the same caliber). It has a high capacity charger that takes a long time to recharge and a relatively slow rate of fire. This allows little recoil and a lot of maneuverability for a very powerful weapon.

Grade: 7


Glock pubg pistol

Short weapons, mostly used in desperate melee fights at the beginning of each match. We rarely see players reaching the end of the game using pistols because of their limitations. They are simply used while there is nothing better.

Weapon Damage Shooting Mode Loader Caliber Available
P18C 19 Semi / Auto 17 9 mm All Maps
P92 29 Semi 7 9 mm All Maps
P1911 35 Semi 15 .45 ACP All Maps
R1895 46 Semi 7 7.62 mm All Maps
R45 49 Semi 6 .45 ACP Sanhok / Miramar / Vikendi
Skorpion 22 Semi / Auto 20 9 mm All Maps
Desert Eagle 62 Semi 7 .45 ACP All Maps

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle

The pistol that does the most damage in the game is a real colossus. Greater than the damage it causes, only the recoil of each shot. It only takes two shots to detonate a level 3 helmet, but it takes a lot of skill to master that kick. The 7-shot magazine also doesn’t help much. However, it is a legal weapon to use in the first moments of the match.

Grade: 8


p18c pubg pistol

The only pistol that fires in PUBG automatic, its caliber does little damage, but makes up for it with a large magazine.

Grade: 7


p92 pistol pubg

A modest weapon, capable of good shots, depending on the skill of the player.

Grade: 5


M1911 PUBG Pistol

Powerful and iconic, the 1911 fires a very powerful bullet, capable of detonating enemies even with a vest and helmet. However, it has a small charger and a very strong recoil.

Grade: 7


Pistol 1895 PUBG

A true pulse cannon, this massive revolver can do a lot of damage thanks to its caliber. Despite this, the setback is minimal. It takes to recharge.

Grade: 8


R85 Rhino PUBG Pistol

Only available on the map of Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi. Despite being smaller in caliber than the R1895, it manages to cause more damage, loads faster and has better handling.

Grade: 8


Skorpion PUBG

A pistol capable of automatic and semi-automatic firing, perfectly suited for the start of the match in close-range matches. It is possible to use stock, grip, silencer, sight and charger with more capacity as an extra. Useful, in the first moments of a bloody match.

Grade: 7

Extra Accessories

Extra PUBG Accessories

These accessories are of great help for all types of weaponry, although some weapons accept few extra accessories. They can improve the stability of the weapon, the amount of ammunition, the speed of reloading, the aim and even help to hide its position. All values ​​in this list are without extras.

Throwing Explosives

PUBG Granada Throw

Explosive weaponry that can be used behind cover or to surprise your enemy.

Fragmentation Grenade

Granada Frag PUBG

There is no great secret in this type of weaponry. Pull the peg, let it warm up for a few seconds and throw it as a gift to your enemies. Very useful in tight spaces, but also fun outside.

Stun Grenade (Stun)

Flashbang PUBG Grenade
Also called Flashbang, serves to disorient your enemies by causing an intense flash and a deafening noise. Be careful when casting or the spell can turn against the sorcerer.

Smoke Grenade

Granada Smoke PUBG

Useful when you want to hide your movements from the enemy. Don’t forget to let the smoke spread for a few seconds before moving.

Molotov cocktail

Molotov PUBG cocktail

A very explosive drink. Wherever you fall, the zone catches fire and this can isolate your enemies or imprison them. Use with care.

Nail Trap or “Miguelitos”

miguelitos pubg pc

This trap is used to puncture the tires of enemy cars. Just place it where you want, but be careful as it cannot be collected again. It just punctures the tires, it doesn’t damage the car. It is available on all maps.


PUBG Melee

Items from last resource used in a situation of pure survival or as a distraction. It is common at the beginning of each match to use this type of weaponry while everyone is unarmed. It is better than using your own hands, but it does not hit a good firearm. From Season 5, it is possible to throw weapons melee, causing very high damage in a relatively quiet way.

Melee weapons are similar to each other, Frying pan. This melee weapon (and haute cuisine) can eliminate an unprotected enemy with two blows to the body and one to the head. In addition, it slightly protects the player from shots, acting as a shield. It is the most popular melee weapon in the game.

Final Tips

All players want the best weapons and the best extra accessories. But in PUBG, your equipment depends on what you find on the playing field. It’s not always going to be easy to get an AWM with a long-range scope, so learn to use all weapons, changing when you find something better.

In addition to luck, PUBG needs preparation. Learn the best places to loot in Erangel and Miramar and follow some simple strategies to improve your skills.

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