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The 10 best horror games for PC for those who like to take scares

The 10 best horror games for PC for those who like to take scares 

Horror games are very popular on all platforms, including PCs. In that sense, there are dozens of good titles for those who like to get scared every now and then, whether in a solo campaign or in the mode multiplayer. So that you don’t waste time looking for the best of its kind, we have created our Top 10. Check it out!

10. Dead by Daylight

Have you ever thought about facing Ghostface in a game?

Dead by Daylight it’s an experience only multiplayer, which is by no means a negative point. Although the game does not have a solo campaign or follow a clear narrative line, provides a dynamic and a gameplay electrifying. You take control of a murderer or a victim in an arena, being forced to either kill or survive to win.

If you want to play as a killer, choose one from a list of good options. Some are inspired by horror films, such as Freddy Krueger, Ghostface and Leatherface. The most fun is that each serial killer has unique skills and unique ways to attack victims.

The victims are a little more generic, since their function is “just” to survive. To accomplish this feat, victims need to repair generators in order to open the exit gate. Not an easy mission, which requires partnership from all players online who are designated as survivors.

This is one of the best horror games for PC, especially if you want an experience multiplayer. The atmosphere is constantly tense, providing great moments of fright and adrenaline during the matches.

You should play this game if:

  • Want to control or face iconic movie killers
  • Enjoy horror games entirely online

See our review in Dead by Daylight and know what we think of game!

9. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard brings immortal enemies

Forget the Umbrella Corporation: your enemy in Resident Evil 7 it’s a little more sinister than that. It all starts with a letter from his wife, Mia, who has reportedly been missing for three years. Her plea for help takes the player, Ethan Winters, to the Baker family grounds, an inhospitable, dark place that will give him a headache until the end of the game.

Overall, the gameplay of Biohazard it is very similar to previous titles in the franchise. You have utensils and firearms at your disposal to face the sick Bakers. In addition to the family, there is a species of bacteria in human form that walks around the mansion where 99% of the game.

This game, however, encourages the use of stealth instead of action. Even because the focus of resident Evil is to cause psychological terror, fright and horror in those who are playing. The setting is fantastic in that sense, both for the soundtrack and visual elements.

Biohazard is a great title for those who love riddles, suspense and a constant feeling of an accelerated heart. It is very worthwhile to give a new perspective to the franchise resident Evil. And if you like a good horror narrative, this game is what you want!

You should play this game if:

  • Prefer horror games focused on exploration rather than action
  • Is prepared to take many scares all the time

8. Outlast

Outlast PC
Outlast it’s only for those with strong nerves

Outlast is that classic investigative horror film set in a madhouse, but in a playable version. In the shoes of journalist Miles Upshur, the player investigates a psychiatric hospital after being triggered by a source. Once inside, he discovers that there is something sinister going on in the building. The mission is to find out exactly what it is and also try to get out of there alive.

Miles cannot attack his enemies. At most what you can do is push them sometimes. Its advantage is being able to climb higher places that hospice patients cannot reach. It can still crawl and hide indoors. The hospital is completely dark, so Upshur uses his camera’s night vision to see the way.

Outlast it’s one of the best horror games survival for PC. Not being able to attack opponents is distressing. Just having to run away from patients and the supernatural entity known as Walrider all the time is a tension that freezes the soul. In addition, the plot is powerful and leads to a surprising and worthy ending to the greatest horror films in cinema.

You should play this game if:

  • Enjoy games entirely survival
  • Want to start your steps in the franchise Outlast

7. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2
Survive side by side with your friends in Left 4 Dead 2

Even if Left 4 Dead 2 from previous generations of games, it remains one of the best horror games for the PC when it comes to cooperation. In the traditional game mode he joins four players on the one hand, representing the survivors. On the other side are the Infected, who will try to prevent the survivors arrive at your destination.

In mode Versus those who assume the Infected are also real players. There is also a campaign single player, in which the other survivors are controlled by artificial intelligence. The most fun point of the game, however, is the cooperative part, which makes the task of surviving much more dynamic and exciting.

That game still has a mode typically survival, where the mission is to get stuck in a section of the map. Once there, players need to eliminate as many Infected as possible, without dying, over a period of time.

The way Realism, in turn, considered the biggest challenge in the game, forces players to kill the zombies with just perfect headshots.

Left 4 Dead 2 it’s not exactly a psychological horror game. Unlike previous titles on the list, it is more about action and eliminating enemies. It still causes that genuine tension of those who do not know if they will be able to survive endless hordes of Infected.

You should play this game if:

  • Want more action than exploration
  • Liking cooperative campaigns

6. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation PC
Xenomorph can appear anytime and anywhere

We can say that Alien: Isolation it is part of the series of films that was successful in theaters, at least in terms of plot. The player controls Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, a character in Sigourney Reaver in the films. The goal is to investigate Ellen’s disappearance into space.

On this mission to understand what’s going on inside the Sevastopol space station, Amanda must survive a Xenomorph creature. In addition to the alien, there are uncontrolled and human cyborgs that must be faced.

The problem with that is that the Xenomorph is immortal. In fact, it is not even possible to attack the creature. That is: Alien: Isolation it’s a completely game survival. Most of the time all you will do is hide and go on your way without attracting the alien’s attention.

Despite this, the game offers the option of using weapons and tools, and can even create them. Effectively, they only work, however, against robots and against human enemies. Other accessories are available, such as a tracker for the Xenomorph and the station’s computer system.

You should play this game if:

  • Is a fan of the franchise films Alien
  • Prefer games with more stealthy gameplay

5. Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th PC
Face or control all versions of Jason at Friday the 13th: The Game

Especially designed for Jason Voorhees cardholders, Friday the 13th: The Game is a very fun game for those who like horror multiplayer. There are eight players per game, with seven likely victims and one controlling the fearsome Jason. The mission here is clear on both sides: to survive and to kill, respectively.

But of course the game is not just about that. Unlike other games of multiplayer asymmetric, Friday the 13th allows counselors to attack Jason with tools, weapons and traps. Despite not killing the serial killer, can delay it, which already helps.

For survivors to escape alive, a series of secondary objectives must be met on the semi-open map. There is an “Epic Victory” against Jason, however it is very difficult to complete all the conditions for achieving it.

The game takes place on five different maps, each corresponding to a film from the franchise. The coolest thing, however, is that the players who control Jason can use almost every version of the character that appeared in theaters. That alone is worth the experience!

You should play this game if:

  • I always wanted to control or face Jason Voorhees
  • Do you like games multiplayer asymmetrical

4. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent PC
Don’t let Daniel lose his sanity in The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a more psychological and conceptual horror game. He won two awards as game independent, mainly for its proposal of gameplay. The player controls Daniel, who wakes up in a dark castle, without remembering why he is there. The only thing he knows is that there is a creature following him.

While touring the castle trying to figure out how he got there, the player must solve several puzzles and puzzles to continue. The game is completely based on stealth, without any offensive action. There is even a bar indicating your level of stealth.

Another interesting point of Amnesia is the fact that Daniel needs to be kept sane. The protagonist’s sanity can be broken for several reasons: staying too much in a dark place, looking at monsters and witnessing frightening events are some of them. When sanity is affected, Daniel has auditory and visual hallucinations, which attracts enemies.

The terror here, therefore, is to manage Daniel and to act quickly and intelligently.

You should play this game if:

  • Want one gameplay horror game focused on puzzles
  • Enjoy games focused on agility in decision making

3. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 PC

Whoever played the first title of the franchise knows what to expect from The Evil Within 2: scares, action and that exploratory and stealthy footprint that gives even more tension to a game that is already tense.

Again the player controls Sebastian Castellanos, now looking for his lost daughter. For this, Sebastian goes to the simulated world of Union, in which the girl is being used as a guinea pig for an experiment. Once there, he discovers that Union has become a nightmare, with demonic creatures attacking its residents.

All missions lead the player to solve the game. They are carried out in a partially open world, with very little recourse and with several enemies as obstacles. It is always possible to face them, either with weapons or with corporal attacks. The ideal, however, is to opt for stealthy movements, which will prevent you from being noticed.

Trying to escape from traps and monsters that constantly appear on the screen, The Evil Within 2 it’s a “modern” version of silent Hill. There are many implicit references to the Konami franchise in that game.

You should play this game if:

  • Want to continue the plot of the first title of the franchise
  • Take an interest in a survival horror with references to silent Hill

2. The Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

The Resident Evil 3 PC
Nemesis is your biggest nightmare in The Resident Evil 3

The Resident Evil 3 it’s in the hall of the best horror games in history. A lot of that because the biggest villain in the game it is none other than Nemesis. The most feared zombie in the entire franchise is responsible for causing some minor heart attacks in the player during the gameplay.

In this third edition, you control Jill Valentine as she tries to escape Racoon City. You will have to face a series of zombies, solve puzzles and wander around the city looking for a way out. Halfway, always without warning, you will be surprised by Nemesis, who uses a rocket launcher as a weapon.

Some meetings with Nemesis are mandatory. Others occur according to the choices made by the player during the game. In fact, a very innovative point of The Resident Evil 3 the end is to depend on the choices made when playing. According to the performance, it is possible to win alternative clothes and special weapons at the end.

The Resident Evil 3 it also has a minigame, in which the player chooses one of three officers from the Umbrella Corporation’s Countermeasure Service.

You should play this game if:

  • Enjoys zombie games
  • Want to play one of the best titles in the franchise The Resident Evil

1. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 PC
Real horror is what Silent Hill 2 provides

Obviously Silent Hill 2 is the big name on this list. Although the first title of the franchise was a great success, it is its continuation that consolidates the series as one of the best in the horror genre. Taking charge of James Sunderland. He goes to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his late wife, Mary.

In most of the gameplay, all the player does is roam Silent Hill. In fact, it is possible to avoid a good number of enemies if you know how to walk in the right places. In these wanderings, you should find keys that will open doors, railings and other access to places previously blocked.

The realization of puzzles and fights against enemies do not depend on the level of play. There are puzzles and there are easier opponents, just as there are more difficult ones. Everything is a matter of choice and luck. We must not forget, however, that Pyramid Heads are inevitable, and these are the ones that give the most work.

In addition to the gloomy ambience, the fog, the characteristic alarm and the bizarre enemies, Silent Hill 2 it also scares in the narrative. As with all titles in the franchise, this edition has more than one possible ending. There are six, to be more exact. Three can be activated the first time the game is over. The others only from the second time.

You should play this game if:

  • Never played one of the most iconic horror games of all time
  • For the franchise fan silent Hill

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