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The 7 best characters in Don’t Starve Together!

The 7 best characters in Don’t Starve Together! 

With so many characters in Don’t Starve, it is clear that there are some better than others. In Don’t Starve Together, in particular, the characters that are most useful to the group tend to be much more popular than the rest, as the focus on synergy and skill combination is the best way to thrive in the game. Thinking about it, we brought down a list with the 7 best characters from Don’t Starve Together for you to contribute in the best way!


  • Special ability: become stronger, faster and more resistant if you eat a lot.
  • Disadvantage: is afraid of the dark, losing Sanity faster.

One of the fastest characters to unlock and one of the best in the game. Wolfgang shines a lot in Don’t Starve Together due to his pure combat power in his Powerful Form (hit with 225 or more from Hunger). In a Solo match, the buff is not as effective due to the high cost of food it requires. However, in STD, combining Wolfgang with characters who can provide or accelerate food production is one of the big keys to success.

Some of the best combinations for Wolfgang are Wickerbottom, Warly and Wormwood. All of these characters have great ways to provide enough food to keep Wolfgang in his Powerful Form as long as possible. In Warly’s case, specifically, Wolfgang will still receive special food buffs, making him even stronger.



  • Special ability: crafting books that have several offensive, defensive and supportive uses. In addition, the character can craft all items on the Science Machine without building it.
  • Disadvantage: you cannot sleep in Tents and Sleeping Bags. Wickerbottom also hates spoiled food and takes a lot of Sanity damage if he eats one.

Wickerbottom is undoubtedly one of the most useful characters in Don’t Starve Together. His 5 Books form a very versatile set of skills that end up benefiting a large number of characters. To start, Applied Horticulture (advancing a growth stage of Plants, Fruits and Trees) is useful for any team, but it is even more so for Wolfgang, who benefits more from food than other characters.

The same book is also extremely useful when combined with Wormwood, which can plant seeds without the need for a farm. This pair is able to generate food very easily.

Finally, perhaps the best possible combination for Wickerbottom is WX-78. With the book “The End is Near”, Wickerbottom can summon rays that, if they reach WX-78, automatically bring it into the System Overload state, giving it countless buffs. This pair also has no problems in the division of foods, since WX-78 can eat spoiled food without any consequences, greatly mitigating Wickerbottom’s disadvantage.


WX 78 - DST

  • Special ability: to be able to permanently increase its attributes through Gears. The character also has an exclusive buff called System Overload, in addition to being able to eat expired and spoiled foods without penalty.
  • Disadvantage: takes rain damage.

WX-78 is on this list exclusively because it participates in one of the best possible combinations in the game: he + Wickerbottom. As described above, the synergy between these characters is probably the best, and allows WX-78 to make the best possible use of its abilities.

WX-78 is able to go into System Overload much more often with Wickerbottom’s use of “The End is Near”. This Book summons 16 rays that fall in random locations, and just one of them hits WX-78 to check the buffs. With that, the character:

  • heals in 100.
  • gains 50% movement speed.
  • is immune to freezing.
  • it becomes its own source of light.
  • loses 33 Health.

System Overload lasts 1 day for each radius that reaches WX-78.

Another reason this pair is so good is the fact that Wickerbottom does not tolerate expired or spoiled food, which is no problem for WX-78, which can consume them without penalty.



  • Special ability: starts matches with great combat items. It also deals 25% more damage and takes 25% less, in addition to restoring Health and Hunger when attacking mobs.
  • Disadvantage: just eat meat.

Another character based on brute force, Wigfrid plays a role similar to that of Wolfgang as the main cause of damage of the team. Her place on this list is due to her very strong individual skills that make her a valuable member of any team. Due to these individual aspects of Wigfrid, it is recommended that it be combined with supporting characters and usefulness for teams.

Some of the best possible combinations for Wigfrid are:

  • Warly, which solves your need for meat with your cooking skills.
  • Wortox, capable of supporting combats through its area healing.
  • Webber, capable of providing all the necessary meat, mitigating the character’s only disadvantage.



  • Special ability: can plant seeds without using farms on most land. He can also craft exclusive items with great individual and team utility, as well as being neutral for some plant mobs.
  • Disadvantage: loses Sanity if nearby plants are destroyed, as well as catching fire more easily.

With his diverse plant-related skills, Wormwood is one of the most resourceful characters in Don’t Starve Together. Even though his disadvantage can be quite inconvenient for the group, his uses weigh much more and make him one of the most sought after characters in the game.

The ability to plant on different soils without using a farm is one of the best ways to supply a team, especially if there is a Wolfgang in the middle. In addition, if Wormwood plants its Seeds close to each other, Wickerbottom is able to accelerate the growth of many plants at the same time with the use of Applied Horticulture.

The advantages of Wormwood + Wickerbottom do not end there. Wormwood’s inability to heal with some foods is mitigated by Wickerbottom’s ability to craft Honey Bandage (heals in 30). On top of that, as Wormwood is always in possession of Dung and Seeds, he can help Wickerbottom craft Applied Horticulture much more often.

Other good combinations for Wormwood are:

  • Warly, who can use Wormwood planting in their recipes.
  • Wortox, which fully mitigates Wormwood’s disadvantage of not curing itself with food.
  • Wurt, which is has all the food provided by Wormwood.



  • Special ability: consume souls of dead mobs to feed, heal partners and yourself and perform short distance teleports.
  • Disadvantage: receives only 50% of the food benefit.

Wortox is probably the character with the most unique mechanics in the game. He is a demon capable of consuming dead mobs’ souls for some effects. The main one (which makes him one of the best characters in Don’t Starve Together) is his area cure. The ability allows him to contribute so that any team does not have to worry so much about Health, especially those characters with dietary restrictions like Wormwood, or fighters like Wolfgang, Wigfrid, etc.

Wortox fits well with most characters in the game.


Warly - DST

  • Special ability: you can create exclusive food recipes and start games like a Portable Pan.
  • Disadvantage: get hungry faster and benefit less from uncooked food in Pan. In addition, the character does not like to repeat food and benefits less from any repeated recipe within 1.75 days. If these foods have negative effects, they will be maximized.

Another character focused utility for the group. Warly is able to contribute to any team with its exclusive recipes capable of supplying Hunger, Health and even checking buffs. In addition, Warly, using the Boss’s Purse item, Warly doubles the Health provided by her plates. These skills are enough for him to be one of the best characters in Don’t Starve Together, although, of course, he is not very good on his own.

Some great combinations for Warly are:

  • Wigfrid, which has had its meat needs solved since the beginning of the game, and benefits a lot from Garlic Powder, which increases its resistance by 33%, which is already 25% higher than normal.
  • Wolfgang, who can maintain his Powerful Form more often due to Warly’s dishes.
  • Wormwood, which provides ingredients for recipes faster.
  • Woodie, which can cut wood MUCH faster with Warly buffs, as well as gaining even more resistance to your Lobicastor form.

Finally, we know that several other characters have great individual skills or usefulness for the team. Therefore, in the midst of so many synergies and possible combos, we selected the characters that can be combined with several different teams and still remain at their full potential. Enjoy!

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